Evinrude E-Tec Fuel Injector Service

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Q: Do Etec Injectors have to have a new coefficient file uploaded to the EMM or computer after service ?

A: No. The only time this has to be done is when you swap injectors.


Q: Does Servicing the injector change the coefficient information ?

A: No. We are taking a dirty injector and cleaning it. It will flow as it did when it was new.


Q: Do I have to number the injectors before I remove them ?

A: Yes ! This is very important ! All Etec injectors Must go back in the same place it was removed.


Q: Do Etec Injectors wear out ?

A: They will outlive the Engine. We have serviced Etec Injectors with over 5,000 hours on them and they flow perfect.

Don't think you will wear them out !


Q: Do you sell Injectors if I have one that is bad ?

A: No. Go to your Evinrude dealer only to buy a new injector. He must upload a new coefficient file to the EMM..

Do not buy used injectors, injectors from E-Bay etc. you don't know what you are getting and they have no coefficient file.

Do not swap injectors around or borrow one from your buddies boat.

If You Have A Bad Injector Buy One From A Evinrude Dealer !


Q: If I have a bad injector and buy a new one can I install it myself ?

A: Yes if you have the software and the coefficient file.

If not You must let your Evinrude dealer install the new Injector.


Q: When my engine runs badly and I suspect one injector is dirty or clogged, can I send just one ?

A: In 5 years of servicing injectors we have never done a set where one was bad and the others where good.

If one is dirty, they are all dirty. They all use the same fuel from the same place.

Why take a chance with a very expensive engine ?

It is recommended to service all your injectors.


Q: I had a engine failure and it is being rebuilt with a new power head. Should I have the injectors serviced ?

A: Yes ! Most engine failures are due to lean injectors or detonation.

If you changed your oil in your car, would you put the old filter back on ?


Q: Is there anything I need to do before I reinstall my serviced Injectors ?

A: Yes. You should take apart your VST tank (fuel pump) clean and inspect.

Also check the VST return filter, clean and inspect or replace.

Replace all your fuel filters. Inspect the total Fuel System.

All our injectors are 100% when they leave our shop.

We can not be responsible for your Fuel System.........


Q: Can I test my injectors before I send them to see if one is bad ?

A: Yes. We have found that checking the ohms on the injector is very important.

Ohm the injector (blue and white wire). The reading should be between 2 or 3 ohms.

If the reading is high (above 3) is a sure sign of a very dirty injector and this usually returns to 2 to 3 ohms after service.

If the readings are between 2 to 3 ohms does not mean they are not dirty.

If the readings are below 2 ohms :

Place the Injector in your right hand, click your heals together 3 times and chunk it over your left shoulder.

The injector is bad and must be replaced.

This ain't the land of OZ and I'm not the Wizard...

Buy a new injector From your Evinrude Dealer.