Evinrude E-Tec Fuel Injector Service

1-888-771-Fuel ( 3835 )

Our Policies


• Our Pricing - $44.00 Each for All Injectors + Shipping to everyone, Dealers and Individuals.

If you are a Individual which a Dealer has sent your injectors in for service, expect a markup on the pricing, Its Business....


This How we charge everyone :

We Ohm the Injectors to start.

If the Injector Ohms below 2 Ohms, we will not work on it or charge you.

If the Injector Ohms above 2, we work on the injector and charge you.

All Injectors we work on (dead or alive) $44.00 each.

We make ever effort to save All Injectors !


• Turn Around - We work hard to turn all injectors around as fast as possible.

We do Not Guarantee any time-frame for turn around.

First come, first serve, no exceptions.


• Injector Modifications - We will not modify any injector or its flow.

Never, and Don't even Ask !


• Visitors : We do not allow any Visitors in our shop.


• Changes in Polices - We feel that our Polices and Prices are more than fair.

We reserve the right to change any of these Polices at any time.